Februar 5, 2023

10X Gains Ahead: Invest in Metacade and Reap the Rewards in 2023!

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• Metacade, a crypto gaming platform has seen a massive surge in interest and investment during its presale stages, with more than $4.9m of funding being raised.
• Experts predict that early investors could enjoy 10X gains in 2023 due to the platform’s ambitious white paper and the projected growth of the GameFi sector over the next five years.
• The value of MCADE is set to rise throughout the duration of the presale, culminating in a value of $0.02 per token as it prepares for its IDO.

Metacade’s Initial Presale Raises Over $4.9m

Investors searching for potential gains in 2023 have been wowed by the news that Metacade’s initial presale stages have sold out within a matter of weeks as bullish investors poured more than $4.9m of funding into the fledgling crypto gaming platform.

Potential 10X Gains for Early Investors

Forward-thinking investors and crypto gaming enthusiasts have been effusive in their early backing of Metacade during the presale, supporting the platform’s aim of delivering the most comprehensive range of online arcade games in the metaverse. With MCADE’s presale continuing to attract massive interest in subsequent presale rounds, some experts are predicting that early investors could enjoy 10X gains in 2023 due to Metacade’s vast long-term potential, set out in their comprehensive and ambitious white paper as well as projections for wider growth within GameFi over time.

MCADE Value Set to Rise Throughout Presales

Beginning at $0.008 per token in the beta phase, MCADE’s value is set to rise to $0.02 by the end of the ninth and final presale stage before launching on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) when buyers globally will likely scramble to get their hands on MCADE tokens.

Bullish Investors Expecting Huge Jumps In Value

Early investors are expected to maintain their HODLing, awaiting huge jumps in MCADE’s value once available on public markets – with some analysts expecting up 10X returns this year alone!

Investors Flocking To Get Their Hands On MCADE

With its promising white paper and strong potential for wide adoption within both casual gamers and those looking for financial gain through investing – it looks like savvy investors aren’t going to want to miss out on getting their hands on MCADE tokens before they go mainstream!