April 16, 2023

Boba Guys Launches Loyalty Rewards Powered by Solana

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• US-based drink retailer Boba Guys taps Solana for loyalty rewards program
• The loyalty rewards program powered by Solana will use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and token-gated experiences
• The collaboration between Boba Guys and Solana could become the standard in the years to come

Boba Guys Partners with Solana for Loyalty Rewards Program

US-based drink retailer Boba Guys has tapped the blockchain technology of Solana Foundation to power its loyalty rewards program. The move comes just a day after the foundation unveiled its flagship crypto-first Android device Saga, which makes it easy and secure to self-custody digital assets.

Why Boba Guys Chose Solana

Solana Foundation had previously invested $100,000 into Boba Guys, making them an ideal partner for their loyalty rewards program. Co-founder of Boba Guys, Bin Chen, believes that people don’t need to know anything about Web3 or blockchain in order to enjoy their drinks. Their goal is to make Web3 approachable and understandable. On the side of Solana, they believe that this collaboration will demonstrate how loyalty programs can be improved for both customers and retailers while creating a path for other organizations to follow.

What Are Non Fungible Tokens?

Non Fungible Tokens are unique digital assets on a blockchain network which are not interchangeable like cryptocurrency coins or tokens. They can represent ownership over virtual items such as artwork, video game characters or even real world objects like cars or houses. By utilising these NFTs in combination with token gated experiences, Boba guys can further deepen consumer engagement with their brand.

Other Retailers Embracing Web3 Loyalty Programs

Boba Guys is not alone in embracing Web3 loyalty programs as other retailers have followed suit including popular gaming platform Steam in December 2022 who announced their own tokenised reward system called Steam Points Rewards Program. This incentivises users through earning points from playing games which can then be used towards purchasing games from the store or even exchanged into gift cards from mainstream stores such as Amazon or Best Buy.


The selection of Solana by Boba Guys further demonstrates how innovative companies are embracing emerging technology such as blockchain/Web3 solutions to build better customer engagement strategies while also giving back something extra to their loyal customers. It won’t be long before more companies jump on board this trend as we start seeing more initiatives using NFTs and tokenized experiences being implemented across different industries worldwide