Dezember 14, 2020

Leidimar Lopes, from Unick Forex, can win a Christmas ‚present‘: an anklet with IoT and 4G from Tim

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Tim announces 4G and IOT anklets for monitoring people on temporary release

Leidimar Lopes, from Unick Forex, can win a Christmas ‚present‘: an anklet with IoT and 4G from TimNOTÍCIAS
The president of Unick Forex, Leidimar Bernardo Lopes; the legal director Fernando Marques Lusvarghi and the lawyer Fernando Baum Salomon, may win a ‚Christmas present‘ from the Federal Court.

In the case, an ‚update‘ of the electronic anklet they should wear since they were released from prison.

As soon as the Unick Forex leaders were released from prison they started to use the electronic anklet, however the equipment went through technical problems and its use was revoked as it would not be possible to replace the anklets due to the contact restrictions caused by the coronavirus.

However now the Federal Court has at its disposal a new equipment that can be adopted by the Court in the case.

The new equipment is a partnership of the operator TIM together with the company Spacecom and is the first electronic anklet equipped with 4G and IoT in Brazil.

The devices use Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) network, and are responsible for monitoring about 51,000 people in Brazil.

Internet of Things at ‚the foot‘ of Unick Forex
The devices are available for the public security departments of SP, RJ, MG, GO, MT, MS, AC, RR, BA, CE, PE, PI, RN, PR and SC, and for the Federal Justice of São Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.

According to TIM’s statement, the anklets ensure high security in data transmission and storage.

Spacecom also argues that the new technology will increase the reach of the equipment, which may assist judges in issuing the sentence for the use of the device.

The anklet collects and transmits location information (GPS, Glonass, among others) via the 4G network with NB-IoT technology to the monitoring company’s servers. The data is obtained in real time from any device connected to the Internet.

Using NB-IoT technology the devices transmit data with greater coverage than a traditional mobile network.

There is still no information whether the court will request the equipment for Unick Forex directors that may have been one of the biggest Bitcoin scams in Brazil’s history.