August 17, 2023

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• BNB Chain’s opBNB mainnet has gone live for infrastructure providers after Binance announced its deployment.
• opBNB is built using the OP Stack and leverages Optimistic Rollups to allow for low gas fees, network stability and security.
• The testnet saw more than 7 million on-chain transactions, 435,972 unique wallet addresses connected to the network, 6k daily active users and 40 dApps deployed.

BNB Chain’s opBNB Mainnet Goes Live

Binance recently announced the deployment of its layer 2 scaling solution built on the OP Stack: opBNB mainnet. After one and a half months of testing in the testnet environment, it is now live for infrastructure providers. This marks an important milestone for the BNB Chain ecosystem as it is on track towards a public launch.

What Is opBNB?

opBNB is an EVM-compatible platform that uses Optimistic Rollups to provide low gas fees, network stability and security. It will be used by developers and projects across gaming, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and digital collectibles when it publicly launches.

Testnet Performance

During testing in the testnet environment, there were over 7 million on-chain transactions and 435,972 unique wallet addresses connected to the network. Additionally, there were 6k daily active users as well as 40 dApps deployed during this period of time.

Promotion For Public Launch

In anticipation of the public launch of opBNB’s mainnet, Binance launched a promotion called „Odyssey“. This promotion will incentivize developers to build applications on top of opBNB’s platform before its official launch date.

Price Outlook

At press time, BNB was trading around $233 with a 24 hour decrease of 2% and 5% decrease within the past week. With this recent milestone achieved by BNB Chain’s ecosystem, we may see some positive price action in this cryptocurrency once its officially launched on a public scale.